Skid Sprayers

Specially designed to transport compost tea in an aerated environment, our Skid Sprayers are constructed to be used over and over again straight off of the pallet. Our frames are made right here in our shop out of solid tube steel (not the common bent sheet metal). There are no hoses or other blockages in the fork lift channels and there is plenty of clearance to work all around the machine. Our sprayers are tough enough to ride around on uneven terrain day after day and not have issues. Our tanks are round with only one small flat area meaning at the end of the tank you end up with maybe half a cup worth of material in the bottom. They are easy to clean and put away. Our sprayers come with a choice of diaphragm or vane pump, and are available in two sizes. We are proud of our design and construction and make skid sprayers for the people who need to rely on their equipment day after day, year after year.

Skid Sprayer
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • 300 ft. 12 Volt Hose Reel with Electric Rewind

  • Dimensions: 43" High x 45" Wide x 79" Long

Skid Sprayer
  • Honda 5.5hp Motor with Oil Alert

  • Professional Variable Spray Wand

  • Fits in Back of any Full Size ¾ Ton Pick Up